RMIT Gold and Silver smithing.

My jewellery objects make way for new entities that belong to another world and are a direct representation of my love of nature. The transformation of something ordinary into something unforeseen invites the viewer to change their perspective and to develop a gentle, sensitive perception of the need to repurpose everyday and natural materials. By composing new forms out of found resources I am able to embellish an organic object in such a way that it is an unexpected juxtaposition of contradictory materials. A camouflage if you like of the natural world into something unnatural. 


My Final Series:


This series of ocean kingdom inspired pieces explores the world of fantasy and artifice. In a transmogrified interpretation, they delve deep into my imagination and integrate my love of the sea I grew up around as a child and my fascination with homeotic forms. The work aims to look beyond the distraction of the conspicuous and see each piece as a “unique self”. My intention is to evoke the notion that there is hidden beauty in the dangerous creatures and feared elements of the marine world. Using unexpected materials, my work amalgamates the natural world with the unnatural. They are bound together in a symbiotic relationship that is a fanciful impression of nature reinvented.

Materials: Enamel, Heat shrink, copper, fine silver, stainless steel, balloon material, glass, epoxy resin, hot glue, mesh tubing, Japanese sponge, water-colour paint and stocking material.

Sizes: Neck pieces: Various sizes ranging from: (400MM-450MM) X 240MM X 4MM-50MM. (Approx.)

Sizes: Brooches: 80MM x 50MM x 45MM (Approx.)




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